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it's not confidential
18 September
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acoustic guitars, adelphi, afi, aladdin, alice in chains, all that’s left, allister, anberlin, art, attracted to miss, autumn, bam margera, bed, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, black and white photography, books, bowling, braclets, brand new, brave saint saturn, bright eyes, c.s. lewis, cameras, capture the flag, cartoons, chinese food, chipotle’, clay aiken, close friends, clouds, coheed and cambria, computers, constellations, cows, dancing, dashboard confessional, dazed and confused, deathcab for cutie, detroit rock city, drive thru records, elvis, empire records, empty boxes, epic records, eyes, fight club, finch, fresh air, from autumn to ashes, grandmas house, grass, guitars, guns n’ roses, guys in girls pants, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, homegrown, hugs, jenoah, jettison, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, kaiser chiefs, kings of leon, kzps, laughter, love, mae, maroon five, maxeen, mayfield, mix, mtv, music, mxpx, naps, not knowing what's next, orange county, painting, pete yorn, photography, pianos, pink, pluto, premier club, pretty girls make graves, radio, radiohead, rain, rainbows, rainy days, reading, real world, reid :], road trips, rufio, rx bandits, saturday night live, saves the day, senses fail, slc punk, sleep, smile empty soul, smiles, snow, something corporate, sooners, stalking, stars, steel train, sum 41, sunkist, swings, taking back sunday, that 70s show, the ataries, the bravery, the breakfast club, the clash, the cooper temple clause, the early november, the emperors new groove, the get up kids, the hives, the juliana theory, the lion king, the movie life, the smiths, the starting line, the strokes, the used, the white stripes, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, travis, usher, valencia, vh1, weezer, wind, winter nights, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard, yoga