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([.baby, i'm BAD NEWS.])

MOVINGG! [18 Apr 2005|06:20pm]
new LJ. __ripchord


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HOW COULD I JUST LET YOU WALK AWAY. [17 Apr 2005|07:57pm]
I wish I could just make you turn around. Turn around and see me cry. There's so much I need to say to you. So many reasons why. You're the only one who really knew me at all. So take a look at me now. There's just an empty space. There's nothing left here to remind me, just the memory of your face. Take a look at me now. There's just an empty space. And to wait for you is all I can do, and that's what I've got to face.Take a look at me now. I'm just standing here. And you coming back to me, is against the odds, and that's a chance I've got to face. So take a look at me now. Take a look at me now.




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THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE. [17 Apr 2005|04:13pm]
so. my camera is dead, no pictures. i haven't updated in foreverr. i haven't been picking up my cell lately, so to the only one who calls me, sorry brandi. uhh. oh. friday was an all varsity track meet, and i got fourth place. YEAH. and next year, i get my letter jacket, but it's dissapointing because i have to wait a life time. uhm, re-encountered with zak, which means my horoscope was real, and now i love horoscopes more than i did. UHM, drove to cicis pizza to pick up our order, and the boy working was flirting, and it makes me really want to go to public school. only for the boys. but too bad the boy wasn't cute, but still. uhm, so brandi and i were on the phone for 6 hours, and 5 of them was with austin, which was funny. PENIS. k. but uhm, i'm thinking about getting a new LJ, because this one is public, and i want a private one so maybe i can write more in it... so yeah. i'm trying to think of some names. any help? oh, brandi, Calvin was overheating, but i let him run all night, and he's still on, and i haven't shut him off, and i think it's funny, because when i open him up again, he'll smell like waffels. YEAHH. well. help me with new LJ names, and ignore this entry.

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i've been sick. who cares. strept throat, which developed a severe rash from my head to toes, and a fever of 104 for a week. lame. it's over, don't comment wishing i get better.

so brandi is a good friend because she calls. jean is a good friend, because right now, we have three different emails going at one time, and only one of them asked how i was. and one is about school, and how we hate mrs. glennon's class, not the class itself, just half the people in it. and the other is how she makes me laugh. yeah.

and i have 78592341 new cds. and i have a new addiction to tv again. thanks sickness, cause i was over tv.

i have to read my new book, but have no time. thanks school.

i have a new addiction to sprite, thanks sickness (again).

and my lips are chapped. thanks tongue.


ok, well. i'm done. may i suggest you listen to this?


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weekend. [01 Apr 2005|09:52pm]
school is weird now. only three days back, and it was just bland. i found that i don't have a crush on anyone anymore. i'm neutral. that's unlike me. but i realized that some people aren't my good friends, but i've learned to accept that over the years.

today, i went to see the ring two with jean. i had already saw it, but she wanted to, so i didn't care. we made fun of it a bit.

i realized what i want in a guy. i don't want the generic holiday, i want him to do something for me out of the ordinary on holidays, i don't want a chocolate and flower giver. And i want him to risk my life but save it at the same time. that's just the man.


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HURR CUT!!1!!!11 [29 Mar 2005|01:15pm]
OMGZ!Collapse )new outfit & random.Collapse )

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I HATE BEING SICK. [29 Mar 2005|10:43am]
so, yesterday i went to the doctor, and she prescribed three different things. One pill that is HUGE, another pill that is medium, and flonase. then we went to iHop, and i had forgotten about pancakes. Then old navy, and i got burmueda short, and three cute tops. YEAHZ. but here, let me show you something...

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[28 Mar 2005|08:21pm]

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i took dallas for granted. [26 Mar 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | i don't forget. ]

so my grandmas house is lame. but easter is ok. even though more than half the regular family that comes for easter, didn't this year, but they aren't missed too greatly. i find it weird how when a family member is gone, the rest of the family talks about them.
i went to mass today. my first in a while. and ok, you know those REALLY good-looking boys, who are either too old for you, or you just live too far away and you know it will never work out? well there was one at mass sitting directly in front of me. he had daniels hair in the 8th grade, kept jinggling his keys, and i thought he was wearing a little tiny bit of eye liner, because his eyes were dark, but my sister thought it was his thick eye lashes, so we don't know for sure. but you know even though nothing is going to happen, you still want to look good? well, i messed up. when it was "peace" time, and you shake everyones hands, i guess he had been holding out his hand towards my sister and i waiting, but when i finally turned around, he laughed and i shook his hand, and he was a cutie. K I'LL STOP WITH THE BOY I WON'T HAVE. oh ps, i think he was about 17, so.
and i miss dallas, i've only been gone for a day, but i do miss it. not like i'm home sick, or anything lame, it's just, when you go away, you then realize how much you really have.

ps. when i get home, i'll upload some pictures.

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so maybe i miss you. [24 Mar 2005|08:18pm]
OK, so driving time at the school was so fun. the two cute boys were there, and i drove with the uglier of the two, well, to me he was uglier, but he did have less acne than the one i thought was cuter... ANYWAYS. his name was Jeremy, and when we got into the car, i was the first driver, so i asked him what he wanted to listen to, and he said, "I stoped listening to the radio once the eagle died. here, put in this before she comes." so i put in this cd, and asked what was on it, and it was underOATH, one marylin manson song, and just good heavy stuff. he was very cool. and he had a pair of head phones around his neck even when he drove. but yeah, so i'm improving on drivings. and i'm loving these boys. K THIS WAS POINTLESS. oh yeah!!! and brandi and i talked on the phone for 8 hours and 13 minutes last night.


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yeahz. [24 Mar 2005|02:21pm]

am 66.1%
You Beat Me?

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so i hate Dan from the inferno II [22 Mar 2005|03:27pm]
today is my dads birthday. i made him a cake, but he won't be home until 7 pm.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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LMFAOLMFAO [22 Mar 2005|12:45pm]
You scored as asian. Yur Asian!










Are you a different race than you think you are?
created with QuizFarm.com

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AW LAWD [21 Mar 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | sick of relationships. ]

OK well today i had to take my sister back to UNT. HERE, JUST READ THIS. i'm too lazy:
radio vs romance: HOW WAS YOUR DAY?!
YOU NAYSTAH: yeah. i knew. AND OK.
YOU NAYSTAH: so! we had to drive to unt, and my sisters room mate and her boyfriend for 3 years running rode with us. and it was funny, the covo that is. and then kristen (sisters roomate) told me that her sister was getting married. i asked to whom? and she said...
YOU NAYSTAH: THE PHOTOGRAPHER AT BL!!!! the really gay one, that got a big pop-belly, and always wears sunglasses!!!
radio vs romance: NUH UH?!!! NO WAY?!! THATS CRAZYYY
YOU NAYSTAH: i was like, "whatt?!?!" na di wanted to say "i thought he was gay." or "so, your sisters marrying a fag?" but i didnt! omg. and then we had to lugg a lot of stuff up to the dorm, which was hilarious, and this cute guy with two of his frat brothers rode with us. but man, the boy was scene, and cute. and he had a class with my sister, and i was introduced to him, and shook his hand, and omgg, i was like about to pee my pants! and then my sisters stalker was there, and i shook his hand. AND THEN PAUL OSHOGBEE was there, and my sister used to like him, alot. and i didnt see him, so we were walking out of the elevator, and i hear, "DANIELLE! DANIELLE!" and i turned, and it was him. and i had no IDEA how he knew my name, and i started laughing so hard. but yeahz. then blockbuster, then home. oh, but the ride home with my dad was good. we talked about a lot of old tv shows (family matters, step by step, and thers) it was hilarious.
YOU NAYSTAH: DUHZ. i loe college boys. oh, let me describe this boy to you. K. so, not too tight pants, but he had a rock climber, a black hat like the one in the notebook, but black... brown belt. brown and white striped tee with a collar, not popped, thank god. and brown converse. omg, he doesn't sound like a sex god, but AW LAWD! he was. let me tell you, he was a sex GOD!
radio vs romance: LMFAO!! I FORGOT ABOUT SEX GOD. aww manzzz i want a boy

pictures. random pictures.Collapse )

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ew. BL. [17 Mar 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | gay pride week is next week. ]

michael is annoying. geoff says hi to me in the halls now, but he's still weird. sarah smacks and picks her ass. jean is loud, but sincere. celeste is my love, but she's sick with the flu. anna is true and is so fun. chelsea makes me scream. natalie makes me barf. lauren makes me laugh at her stupidity. and did i mention michael is annoying? lindsey is innocent and hilarious. brandi is too cool for BL. ellen is cute and fun. colin is lovable hilarious. patrick is a man hoe. and michael is annoying.

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LJ rehab was hard. [13 Mar 2005|10:00am]
ok, so school is dumb. i like colin. and i might be over geoff. finally.
enough of that.

this weekend was good. i planed about three different things with celeste, and she didn't go to any of them. whatev. brandi, dsr, ellen, and myself went to see the play "anything goes." man, it was so good. we made fun of a lot of people, i just realized that. we'd make fun of D DOCTA LION when he'd stumble on a line, or just bounce to the music. and we'd make fun of frank's hair. and duh, we had to laugh at dumb fuck lauren. but in the end it was hilarious, we got to see Andrew Farris's boyfriend.

OK. and then yesterday plans fell threw. mom didn't want to drive anywhere, april needed about an hour and a half to get ready (not an exaggeration) and communication was at a low. so i didn't do anything with brandi and ellen like planned. but mom, april and i went out to eat at on the border, and then went to blockbuster. yeah, i finally saw the notebook. i cried about 2 gallons of salty water. it was so sad, and my sister and mom were laughing at me, because in the end, i was already crying when he laid on her bed, but when the nurse came in, i realized they were dead, and i said, "OMG DID THEY DIE TOGETHER?!" and acctually started bawling. like howling crying. see, don't go see a movie with me. haha. but i was in need of a cry. haven't cried in so long, and it felt good.

and i love being back to LJ. please leave comments, or i'll make another friends cut.


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friends cut. [12 Mar 2005|09:43am]
OK. i cut these people because your posts annoy me, you don't comment, you don't update, ot i just think you're lame. and no, i didn't cut that many. but if i did cut you, please take me off your friends list. and if you still want to know why i cut you, it's just because i don't like you. so don't fill up my comment box either. i don't want 782364 emails.







and, now. i'll update later about recent events.

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this may be it. [23 Feb 2005|04:50pm]
[ mood | bye for a while. ]

i'm quitting.
i'm quitting being nice to some.
i'm quitting hanging around a few.
i'm quitting pretending that i'm having fun.
i'm quitting everything related to you.

i'm quitting the high school scene.
i'm quitting the lame crushes.
i'm quitting watching too much tv.
i'm quitting the homework rushes.

i'm working.
i'm working on a new written diary.
i'm working on becoming a better me.
i'm working on being better in sports.
i'm working on finding life's key.

i'm working on meeting new kids.
i'm working on better grades.
i'm working on better hygeine.
i'm working on not being so late.

but pretty much,
what my rhyme was all about.
i'm quitting lj for a while,
and working on figuring it all out.

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happy birthday celestepoop. [20 Feb 2005|12:58pm]
[ mood | i love celeste ]

celeste's party. +31.Collapse )

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cause i feel it and i wanna get it on! [18 Feb 2005|11:05pm]
[ mood | ohz, its ians friend! ]

K. so tonight was all battle of the bands. ian and travis were there. yum. but i never knew about that girlfriend thing. and the millard tee boy is my fav, although ellen said he looked like a mouse. lmfao. and john mayor, uhoh, rebuilt crush. and the bands were good. one act play won nothing, which was hilarious, cause all of the bishop dunne boys were moshing to them, and ian was wow when they were moshing. too cool for that. and uhm, oh yes, rido got second, walmart rejects got third, and the hot keyboard boy band got first, which was good, cause they were all really hot. lkehwjrjhsdfjh. tonight was hilarious. i dont feel like typing everything.

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